Training & Resources for English Teaching

Ten years experience of working with volunteers has proven the critical importance of a good training program. We are extremely grateful to Target Foundation for sponsoring our training for English teaching volunteers since 2012, and to Children’s Helpers Worldwide for providing teaching resources.

English is the compulsory subject that poses the greatest challenge to rural and other disadvantaged children in China, due to lack of access to adequate English language learning resources. Lack of attainment in English skills restricts educational and employment opportunities for these children. We are proud to train volunteers from all over the world to help Chinese children to improve their English skills, as well as to give them a window into the outside world.

Our Approach

Our English Teaching Volunteer Training consists of four stages:

  1. Online orientation (organisational introduction, background, and objectives, introduction to beneficiaries, and introduction to English teaching programs);
  2. Introduction to English Teaching;
  3. Provision of teaching resources;
  4. Trainers observe volunteer demo classes and provide feedback.